AAMA Updates Water Penetration Testing Documents

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has updated its performance testing documents on measuring water penetration and air leakage in high-rise applications for installed windows, storefronts, sloped glazing and curtainwalls. The documents are titled AAMA 501-05, "Methods of Tests for Exterior Walls," and AAMA 501.1-05, "Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Windows, Curtainwalls and Doors Using Dynamic Pressure." They were last published in 1994.

"These publications define current test methods, specifications and testing equipment used by laboratories for mock-up testing for air leakage, static water resistance and structural performance as prescribed by ASTM, and dynamic water penetration tests as defined by AAMA," said Carl Wagus, AAMA technical director.

In addition, AAMA 504 "Voluntary Laboratory Test Method to Qualify Fenestration Installation Procedures," is slated for release June 30. Wagus said the purpose of this document is to define laboratory testing procedures used for simulating new construction installation practices, similar to those found in InstallationMasters™ and/or ASTM E 2112.

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