Xinyi Ultra Clear PV Glass Production Line Begins Operation

Xinyi Glass, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, announced that it successfully began operation of a new melting furnace and ultra clear photovoltaic glass manufacturing line on August 28.

The line is expected to produce 300 tons per day of low-iron, textured glass with more than 91 percent solar transmittance to meet the increasing market demand from crystalline solar module manufacturers.

"The inauguration of this production line marks the optimization of the group's product structure and another major step forward in the group advance into the energy saving and environmentally-friendly glass market," says Lee Yin Yee, chairman of Xinyi Glass. "The rapid growing energy saving and environmentally-friendly glass, construction glass and automobile glass markets have been fuelling demand for quality flat glass including high quality float glass and ultra-clear photovoltaic glass for solar energy system. Against this backdrop, the newly completed production line beginning operation has not only enhanced the group's overall production scale, but also agrees with the latest market development trend."

According to a company announcement, the successful ignition of the ultra clear glass production line will further elevate Xinyi Glass's capabilities in its production of specialized high quality glass products for the global market.

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