Winter Weather Starts to Make its Mark on the Industry
December 14, 2010

From ice in states like Kentucky to severe snow in the Midwest, including Minneapolis, winter weather is starting to impact the glass industry, and give a hint of what’s to come in the coming winter months.

Bill Stone, president, Louisville Plate Glass in Louisville, Ky., tells™ that ice in Louisville is impacting his employee’s ability to get out to measure for particular jobs.

“If our customers can’t get out to measure then they can’t place their order with us,” he says. “If a job relies on shop drawings then there are no problems.”

Stone told USGNN that the first quarter is always the toughest time of the year and that the industry is starting to show signs of slowing down, even before these weather delays.

“We’ve had these kind of short-term weather issues,” says Stone. “They are a 72-hour story. The bigger deal is the general lack of private commercial construction across this country.”

In Minneapolis, Joe Gomez, owner of Amego Glass and Mirror, serves the residential and commercial markets, and says he is suffering the effects of a brutal snowstorm that hit the area. Gomez reports he hasn’t had a call in almost a week. However, he also reports that business had started to slow down prior to the storm.

“Overall it has been slow,” he says. “Some people have windows broken, but can’t even afford to fix them.

“Sometimes I consider why am I even doing this?” says Gomez, who adds, “I love what I do … If they need something [a customer], I’ll be right there.”

Gomez, who has been in business for six years, serves as the company’s sole proprietor and subs out work if needed.

“I’m still here … I love to work … Time will tell,” he says.

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