Window Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

The National Safety Council and top fenestration industry organizations have declared the last full week of April as National Window Safety Week, which is timed to coincide with spring-the time of year when homeowners are again opening their windows.

This year, National Window Safety Week is scheduled for April 23-29, 2006.

During open window season, open windows can pose a fall hazard to unsupervised, young children. The Council is reminding parents and building owners to keep windows closed and locked when young children are present and not to place furniture such as chairs, beds and sofas below windows as unattended children can use pieces of furniture like these to quickly climb to an open window and potentially fall. Also on the reminder list is that insect screens are intended to keep insects out; they are neither designed nor intended to keep children from falling out of windows.

The Council does hope that families and building owners recognize that while precautions to keep young children safe are necessary, windows can also provide a life saving avenue of escape from a fire and should be included in home emergency escape plans. Children should be taught how to properly use a window for escape and rescue purposes.

The National Safety Council's (NSC) Window Safety Task Force, comprised of representatives from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), the Screen Manufacturers Association (SMA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), have developed educational messages about window and door safety that are available to parents, caregivers, and educators in various formats. These messages are designed primarily to educate caregivers about how window falls can be prevented, while simultaneously discussing the lifesaving role windows serve when properly used as a means of emergency escape and rescue in a fire.

The "Window Safety Information Kit" includes:

Window Safety Tips

Window Safety Checklist

"Keeping the Promise of Safety" Brochure

Window Safety Activity Booklet

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