Quality Metalcrafts Newly Acquired by Industry Veteran

by Tami Faram

Mike Wallace is bringing 27 years of experience in the metals and construction industries to the helm of Quality Metalcrafts LLC. He recently acquired the company and today he takes the position as president and chief executive officer.

Wallace told USGNN today that he chose the company because of the kind of product it delivers, and because he was seeking a new challenge.

"I recognized that Quality Metalcrafts always provided the industry with a quality product and I believed, with my experience, it would be a good fit," Wallace says.

Quality Metalcrafts, in Ramsey, Minn., was established in 1994 as a national metal architectural custom fabrication facility. The company fabricates wall panels, column covers, sunshades, breakmetal and other parts for the construction industry nationwide.

In addition, Dave Bell now serves as vice president of the company and Steve Gravel is chief financial officer. Bell had been president of Quality Metalcrafts Inc.

"We are excited about growing the business by investing in its future," Wallace adds. "More importantly focusing on how we can best serve and assist our customers in their growth plans."

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Tami Faram is the editor of USGNN.com.