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USGNN Original StoryVitro America Opens New Facility in City of Industry, California

Memphis, Tenn.-based Vitro America has consolidated three existing Los Angeles-area operations into one large facility in City of Industry, Calif. The consolidation of the branches into one 125,000-square-foot operation, 15 miles east of Los Angeles, is expected to streamline service on distribution and fabricated products.

"Remember, we were two separate divisions-South and West-and in April 2006, we announced a consolidation into one division. As a result, we have made some changes that are more in line with how we do business in what was Distribution South (everything from Texas east)," comments Alice Dickerson, director of sales and marketing. "The West, for example, had 'call centers' that handled calls for numerous locations. South had designated customer service representatives at each branch, which promotes stronger customer relationships and CSR's are able to really get to know customers and the market better.

"Also, our locations in the South are all 'under one roof.' West operations were structured to have distribution in one building and production (tempering, IG, etc.) in another. Many of these multiple locations were literally across the street or next door to the other-very inefficient and expensive."

Dickerson adds, "We are simply trying to streamline our operations and eliminate the unnecessary handling of our products and the delays created by these transfers. We have continued to service the same areas, etc."

In addition, the company has taken this opportunity to add some additional equipment and add to capacity. For example, a Glassrobots super convection furnace has been installed to provide quality HeatPro™ heat-treated glass up to 100 by 180 inches, with full soft coat capability. A Lisec insulating line features integrated edge deletion to assure proper sealant adhesion. Warm-edge technology spacers and the option of grey or black silicone sealant are now available.

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