Vitro Resumes Glass Making in Mexico: Gas Pipeline Attacks Causes Temporary Interruption in Operations

by Tami Faram

Vitro, S.A. de C.V., in Monterrey, Mexico, has resumed operations at two of its glass production facilities. Terrorist attacks on state-run gas Pemex pipelines caused many plants to shut down operations, including the glass manufacturer, Vitro. The company is estimating the temporary shutdown cost about $800,000 for the interruption of its two production facilities located in Queretaro and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Vitro's operations were halted on July 11, following rebel attacks on pipelines carrying natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, crude oil and gasoline between Mexico City and Guadalajara. Vitro was able to reopen its facilities on the July 13 and 14, just a couple of days after the pipeline attack.

According to a company press release, business now is back to normal operations. "We are confident that within the next few weeks we will be able to recover production volumes to satisfy our customers' requirements," says the release.

Tami Faram is the editor of™.