Viracon's New VRE-59 Coating Makes High-Profile Debut

Making its debut as the glass coating selected for the new Seven World Trade Center building in New York, Viracon's new Solarscreen™ VRE-59 Insulating Glass is the newest addition to the company's line of Viracon Radiant Low-E (VRE) family of products.

Viracon says the new product combines a crisp, neutral appearance with a light transmittance of 59 percent. The coating was selected for the Seven World Trade Center project due to its ability to deliver a crystal-like appearance, while contributing to the overall energy requirements for the building's LEEDS-GOLD- CS designation.

The product provides significant performance benefits over traditional coatings. The VRE series provides a neutral-exterior color and allows two-way vision under varying light conditions. Its increased light transmittance addresses the psychological need for natural light. Its reduced solar heat gain provides economic benefits. The Light to Solar Gain ration (LSG) for VRE-59 ranges from 1.53 to 1.6. (An LSG of 1.25 or higher is required for Green Glazing designation.)

"The VRE-59 represents an ideal balance for a high performance coating and commercial building applications. "Even if an architect is not seeking green certifications, VRE-59 offers a way to balance aesthetic quality with energy performance," according to Rick Voelker, Viracon's vice president of technical services.

VRE-59 joins the VRE-67, VRE-46, VRE- 38 and VRE-54 family of coatings, representing the industry's widest range of insulating glass options. Available dimensions range from a minimum of 12" x 36" (305mm x 914mm) to a standard maximum of 84" x 144" (2134mm x 3658mm), with a standard maximum available size of 65 sq. ft. (6.04 sq. m.)

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