USGlass Magazine Releases New Service
June 8, 2010

USGlass magazine launched a new service for the architectural glass industry today. The new Product Information service is available for all to view from USGlass’s home page and by CLICKING HERE.

The service provides a complete list of all the products and services dedicated to the architectural glass industry’s needs as listed in USGlass magazine. The list includes direct links to the provider’s site and additional information. Subscribers will note that their information will automatically fill in when they link from the e-mail alert for their ease of use.

Users also have the option to complete the registration information by hand, and the service is complimentary to all who use it.

The reasoning to create the service was two-fold. First, to offer industry members a quick reference tool with real-time results. Second, to allow suppliers the opportunity to educate and provide information directly and efficiently.

“We are so pleased to have the opportunity to bring this new service to our readers and industry members,” said Debra Levy, publisher of USGlass. “In the age of digital media, this new service provides a timely and more efficient version of what ‘bingo cards’ did so many years ago,” stated Levy.

Subscribers who have provided an e-mail address receive an alert directly. All others may access the service directly from

The new Product Information service will be available on many of the other Key Communications Inc. publications later this summer.

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