U.S. Aluminum Rebuts Columbia Daily Tribune Article
December 7, 2010

United States Aluminum, has issued a rebuttal to the December 5 Columbia Daily Tribune article “City’s 10-deck Parking Tower Slowed by Supply Issues and Cold Weather” and its statement that the parking tower’s general contractor was required to pay in advance for aluminum framing for the project’s windows as a result of U.S. Aluminum’s parent company’s bankruptcy reorganization earlier this year.

The Tribune article stated “the company has sold all of its products and is only making new building materials as it receives payment.”

U.S. Aluminum disputed this contention in a statement by saying:

“United States Aluminum did not request payment in advance for this project. Project information was requested on the project and, upon receipt of that information, an initial shipment was made. Final shipment is expected in mid-December. United States Aluminum has not and will not receive payment until payment is due under normal credit terms. International Aluminum Corp., the parent of United States Aluminum, emerged from bankruptcy in May of 2010. The past bankruptcy has no bearing upon this project or any others currently being performed by United States Aluminum.”

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