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USGNN Original StoryTubelite Sales Director Talks to Regarding Sale of Company

No major changes are expected to Walker, Mich.-based Tubelite Inc. following the completion of its sale to Minneapolis-based Apogee Enterprises Inc. on December 21, 2007 (CLICK HERE to read that story), according to Steve Green, the director of sales and marketing for Tubelite.

"The company is going to be run as an independent business unit under the Apogee umbrella of companies," Green says. He reports that the two companies have been negotiating the sale for "a number of months" and now that it's complete it's "business as usual" for Tubelite.

Overall, Green says that few changes will be seen-except that now, with Apogee's backing, Tubelite will be able to offer a greater range of resources to its clients.

"I think they like what they bought-they're not into change a whole lot," Green says of Apogee. "We bring to them a part of the commercial architectural business they don't have, so there are some synergies there It's a good fit."

He adds, "We have worked with these guys for years; Linetec has done all of our finishing since 1995. We've worked on projects with Wausau [Window and Wall Systems, an Apogee subsidiary]; we know these people, the philosophies that we share are the Midwestern philosophies."

Green notes that there will be no changes for Tubelite's employees, although the resources of the new parent company may provide additional stability for employees. He adds, "Those of our shareholders that are actively involved in the business will continue on in the senior management team of the company."

In addition, Tubelite's clients have all been contacted regarding the sale.

"I think there are going to be a lot of exciting opportunities," Green says.

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