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USGNN Original StoryTruseal Obtains Injunction Against Beijing Huali

The U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada issued a court order this week granting a temporary injunction preventing Beijing Huali Architecture Decoration Co. Ltd. from "making, using, selling, advertising or offering for sale any of its products that infringe any claim of U.S. Patent No. 5,851,609," which is held by Truseal. The injunction includes "Huali's HualiSeal and EdgeMax Seal sealant/spacer systems or any sealant/spacer system no more than colorably different, as well as any of its products that infringe the trade dress associated with Truseal's Edgetherm sealant/spacer systems, including Huali's gray and black HualiSeal and Edgemax Seal sealant/spacer systems, until Truseal's pending motion for preliminary injunction is heard and decided by this Court."

Truseal officials claim the company "will suffer irreparable harm to its reputation from confusion between an allegedly inferior Huali product and Truseal's patented product."

Truseal filed the suit on October 6.

"Truseal vigorously enforces its patents and trademarks throughout the world and takes all potential infringement matters seriously," says Truseal president Gus Coppola. "More importantly, Truseal is taking this action to safeguard the industry against the mistaken use of inferior technologies that claim to offer the same level of quality and performance as Truseal's spacer systems."

Truseal representatives say the company is also investigating a Texas-based distributor of HualiSeal products.

Representatives of Huali were unavailable for comment at this time.

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