New Tremco Headquarters Close to Bagging LEED Gold
August 12, 2011

By Sahely Mukerji

Officials at Tremco Inc. in Beachwood, Ohio, formally unveiled their retrofitted headquarters in June, and it is now one cooling cycle away from receiving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, says Cathy Pokorny, director of marketing communications for the commercial sealants and waterproofing division.

The foundation-to-roof renovation of the 40-year-old headquarters began last year. Built in 1969-1970, the 46,000-square-foot structure had grown outdated, with single-pane windows; an imbalanced HVAC system; a dark, gravel roof and other features that used energy inefficiently. Among others the retrofits include:

  • High-performance, double-pane, tinted windows that exceed minimum energy-saving standards. Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing provided sealants, gaskets and Proglaze ETA (Engineered Transition Assembly) to ensure an airtight transition from window to wall.
  • The Energy Star qualified Rock-It roof surfacing system, composed of white gravel set in white adhesive, installed beneath a rooftop photovoltaic system; a thin film module rooftop PV system for renewable energy; and a white, reflective, TPA membrane on top of the mechanical room.

The windows feature the Kawneer 1600 Wall System 2 and Guardian Sunguard Neutral 50 glass, Pokorny says. The installer was Carroll Glass in Euclid, Ohio. The roof features 1,200 thin-film PV panels on the South building roof and the carport, which includes charging stations for electric cars.

The retrofits resulted in a 54.2-percent decline in natural gas use and a 10.3-percent decline in electricity consumption, January through June, compared to the same period last year, Pokorny says.

However, high-performance glazing in isolation cannot achieve energy efficiency, Pokorny adds. “We need to look at the total building envelope. Any gaps in the transition from the window assembly to the wall assembly or around penetrations, will allow air and moisture infiltration, thereby increasing energy consumption. For our headquarters renovation, we were able to use our silicone sealants and gaskets for a comprehensive, compatible glazing system, our ExoAir 110 air and vapor barrier on the wall and our Proglaze ETA at the window-wall interface to ensure air and moisture infiltration is managed long-term.”

Other retrofits include: Four types of sustainable roofing systems from Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance; a Dryvit Outsulation Plus MD exterior wall system featuring Dryvit's TerraNeo finish; a wind turbine installed to help generate electricity; a 15,000 gallon water capture and reuse system in the parking lot to reduce the amount of water entering the city's sewers; new sidewalks with decorative concrete from Increte Systems supported by recycled gravel; interior upgrades, such as an ADA-compliant elevator and restrooms; and mechanical/electrical/plumbing upgrades, such as a new control system that ensures an accurate operating schedule of HVAC and lighting as well as improved zone control, modifications to the central air handling system that enable variable flow, a new variable speed cooling tower, and new plumbing fixtures that save potable water.

In addition, during construction, everything removed was recycled, reused or burned for energy. For example, asphalt removed from the roof was mixed with asphalt from a highway resurfacing project and used to patch the parking lot, while blinds and fixtures were donated to Habitat for Humanity. The company has implemented a zero landfill policy at its headquarters.

“Transforming our headquarters into a high-performance building that is energy-efficient, uses less water, employs renewable energy sources and reduces operating costs substantially from prior levels is a powerful statement about our commitment to developing and providing integrated, environmentally friendly construction solutions,” says Randy Korach, president. “We have provided building owners and managers with sustainable solutions for decades, and look forward to helping our customers continue to achieve these same kinds of outcomes.”

An independent commissioning agent is verifying the impact of the various solutions on building performance, and the company expects to achieve LEED Gold status in the near future.


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