Recent Tornadoes Keep New York Area Glass Shops Busy
September 22, 2010

Two tornadoes pounded across parts of lower New York state, in particular the borough of Queens, last Thursday with wind speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. The storm left downed trees and power lines, thousands without power, severe damages to homes and buildings and caused the death of one person. According to the National Weather Service the tornadoes were the ninth and tenth to hit New York City since 1950.

Not surprising, the massive storm also left trails of broken glass. Many glass companies in the area have since been busy with clean-up, repairs and replacements.

Lance Lener, owner of Mike the Glazier in Flushing, N.Y., was so busy he had had little time to talk this morning.

"We're swamped," he said quickly. "We haven't been this busy in 20 years."

Last week's weather has brought some additional work for J&C Glass, also in Flushing.

"We've gotten lots of calls for broken window replacements," said Ira Lehman. He explained that with so many trees down there has been extensive building damage. He added, though, that his immediate area was not hit as badly as others.

"We've been busier than usual," Lehman said. "We don't usually do window glass. We mostly focus on fabricated glass for the trade.

Tornadoes, though, like hurricanes, can strike one area and leave another completely untouched.

"We did not get one call as a result of the [tornado]," said Issam Girgis with Ace Glass & Mirror in Flushing. He said, yes, there were some damages, but his area was not struck badly. He also added that it seemed as though there was more automotive glass damage than architectural.

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