Brooklyn Glass Companies Feel Impact of Tornado

Glass shops in Brooklyn, N.Y., were busy today, two days after an unprecedented tornado swept through the borough. Representatives for four glass shops told USGNN.comô they were too busy to answer questions about how the storm had impacted their business, while numerous others simply weren't available to answer the phone.

Vladamir, the general manager of Bravura Glass & Mirror in Brooklyn, who preferred not to give his last name, says his company-located slightly to the east of where the tornado touched down-wasn't directly affected by the tornado, and hasn't been called on for any more repair work than normal.

"Not a significant impact, you know, life goes on," he said. However, Vladamir said that he has had trouble in keeping on track with previously scheduled jobs, due to the havoc wreaked upon the city's traffic.

"Lot of delays," Vladamir said, "but no cancellations."

Vladamir said that it had taken an additional two to three hours to get to his first job because of traffic jams throughout the city. "Everything was packed. It was hard to travel," he said.