Synergx Announces Multiple Orders for Its Photovoltaic Glass Inspection Systems
September 10, 2009

SynergX Technologies Inc. in in Laval, Quebec, a supplier of automated optical inspection technology for the solar panel industry, today announced nine orders for its Glass-Scan inspection systems for photovoltaic glass. The orders come from customers in China and Europe.

Glass quality is an important aspect of the manufacturing of both standard crystalline silicon solar panels and thin film solar panels. Poor quality glass can disrupt the manufacturing process with in-process breakage and can often be a reason for failure of the solar panel after installation in the field. With twenty year plus warranties that are being provided with solar panels, automated inspection of the glass is the only way to guarantee quality and long term reliability.

“We are thrilled to be participating in the ‘Green Revolution,’” says Ken Wawrew, president and chief executive officer. “The photovoltaic market is exciting and fast-growing.”

SynergX Glass-Scan Systems provide solar glass and panel manufacturers with a turnkey yield management and quality control solution for the inspection of both continuous and cut sheets of super clear and patterned glass. High-resolution camera-based systems provide accurate detection, sizing and classification of defects, including open and closed bubbles, black and white stones, scratches, and edge defects. The modular design of the Glass-Scan systems means that they can be readily adapted to all manufacturing environments.

“SynergX can provide solutions at a number of stages in the manufacturing process with its Glass-Scan Systems,” says Wawrew. “We have systems for the glass manufacturers, as well as for the factories that cut and temper the glass, and the actual solar panel makers. This is a solution that provides the benefits of improved quality, increased productivity and process improvement, ultimately resulting in a competitive advantage for our customers.”

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