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USGNN Original StoryStrybuc Industries Celebrates 25 Years

Strybuc Industries, based in Sharon Hill, Pa., is celebrating its 25th anniversary in business this year as a global supplier of door and window hardware.

A lot has changed since 1982. In that year, Ronald W. Reagan was President of the United States. It was also the year that the 49ers beat the Bengals in the Super Bowl XVI. 1982 was also a significant year for Bob Strybuc, founder and president of Strybuc Industries. It was the year that put Strybuc on the map and accelerated it into a growing corporation by joining forces with its corporate partner, Pierangeli Group Inc. (PGI).

Strybuc president Rinaldo J. Pierangeli says the company has come a long way since that time. "What [Bob] was doing in a year's period of time in sales, we're doing in a month now." He adds, "Twenty-five years means maintaining a strong presence in a fragmented and diverse industry, while simultaneously building lasting relationships with OEM suppliers/manufactures. This gives us the advantage to service our customers efficiently and effectively each and every day."

To celebrate its 25-year milestone, the company is preparing for new developments.

"We're coming up with a new comprehensive catalog and we're going to feature that," Pierangeli says.

In addition, the company held a luncheon celebration for employees. "We reminisced about Bob [Strybuc] and how he started the business and how we got together with him," Pierangeli says.

The 25th anniversary isn't just a milestone for the company, but also for nine employees who have been with Strybuc Industries since it opened its doors in 1982.

"We're pretty fortunate," Pierangeli says. "I think we must be something right to retain that many people."

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