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USGNN Original StorySound Glass Relocates Corporate Offices and Showroom

Sound Glass of Tacoma, Wash., has relocated and expanded its corporate office and showroom to a new facility that's located just two blocks from its previous operations. The company is now operating in more than 22,000 square feet of space; the retail portion and shop area each have more than twice the space that they had previously and the office section is three times the size of the older facility.

"The company had grown so much we needed more offices, workspace and warehouse space," says Damon King who handles marketing for the company.

According to King, one of the most exciting aspects of the new facility is the expanded showroom, which features a switchable glazing wall that can go from clear to opaque by flipping a switch.

"The new showroom gives us more room to showcase all of the consumer and commercial products we offer," says King, who adds that they are now able to display all of the different window lines they offer, as well as shower doors and enclosures.

The majority of the company's commercial work is done at a separate fabrication facility a few miles from the new location. So from the commercial aspect, King says the new facility will serve mainly as a distribution hub.

In all, Sound Glass has three locations; however there are no definite plans to expand the others at this time. But King adds, "There are always discussions about what we can do to become an even more efficient business environment."

King adds that while the residential retail environment is certainly a challenge right now, the company is staying focused on community development.

"We're very active in our community and will continue working to strengthen those roots," says King.

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