Solar Glazing Growth Expected Throughout Next Five Years
August 17, 2010

This July, at the Glass Association of North America's (GANA) Solar Symposium, it was stated that industry forecasters are predicting that solar glazing could account for 10 to 20 percent of flat glass sales by the year 2015, according to Wayne Boor, manager of solar technology transfer at PPG Industries.

Boor compared the rise of solar glazing to the rise of auto glass in the 1900's. Before 1900 almost all flat glass that was manufactured was for installation into architectural projects, but by the 1940's 25 percent of manufactured glass was for automobiles. Boor anticipates that the industry will see a similar trend when it comes to solar glazing.

Boor went on to say that he sees companies, like PPG, taking the initiative to work together with those in the industry to develop new technology to improve energy efficiency, including making glass substrates more transparent to solar energy. Also, in terms of new technology Boor foresees the popularity of self-cleaning solar glass rising.

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