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USGNN Original StoryAAMA Task Group Prepares Position, Survey on Skylight Falls

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association's (AAMA) Skylight Council's Skylight Fall Protection Task Group met yesterday via conference call to review and approve its skylight fall protection position paper. A draft of the paper will be sent out shortly for comments from the full council.

The group also will soon be issuing a skylight fall survey to skylight manufacturers in order to gather instances of skylight-related injuries, or the lack thereof. During the conference call, task group members shared accounts of those incidents with which they were familiar-some manufacturers had gone 30 years without a single accident while others had experienced a small handful of incidents in as much time.

"I think the issue here is to get years of skylight manufacturing experience weighing in on what [has been] seen in terms of incidence," commented one member of the task group.

The group hopes to gather information on the type of skylight involved in fatal or nonfatal incidents, as well as roof pitch, whether the individual involved was a worker or unauthorized person and if any fall protection equipment was used. According to task group chair John Westerfield of CrystaLite Inc., that last point is brought up in consideration of anecdotal evidence that a number of falls have involved workers wearing improperly secured safety harnesses.

If your company is not a member of AAMA and is interested in participating in the skylight survey, e-mail for more information.

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