Lou Sigman Inks Deal, Acquires Denver's Horizon Glass

Lou Sigman, former president of the Colorado Glazing Contractors Association, has announced that he has finalized a deal to purchase the Denver-based Horizon Glass. Sigman has been at the helm of Horizon for just about three weeks now and is experiencing what the calls the "alphabet of emotions."

"From apprehension to zest and everything in between," he said, laughing, when asked what the transition has been like. "What I'm finding is that there's going to be every opportunity to use every tool in my proverbial box, when it comes to sales and project management and leadership, in order to sustain the success of the Horizon operation and hopefully take it to higher levels." No stranger to the industry, Sigman spent 10 years with his family's glazing business and the last 15 years at Harmon, and it is the combination of these experiences that he says helped him make the decision to take this next step in his career.

"I'm not really sure I could have pursued or wouldn't have been as confident of my future success without my time or experience at Harmon. Just having the family business alone back in the day may not have been enough. The leadership and experiences I gained while at Harmon will prove to be invaluable," he said.

Despite the new responsibility of running a business under his belt, Sigman doesn't plan to eschew the other aspects of the industry to which he has been committed over the years and he plans on continuing his work with the Colorado Glazing Contractors Association (CGCA). "As a past president, I feel the area where the most pressing need and where I can be of most help is on pending legislation," he said. "We're working with the local American Subcontractors Association to try to pass legislation that will afford subcontractors, not just the glazing trades but all subtrades, the opportunity to negotiate or win improved pay practices and indemnification language that is fair to all parties."

Meantime, Sigman aims to keep Horizon Glass on its current path to success and then some. His goals for the company, he said, are to "basically sustain the level of excellence that it's already achieved in its 30 year history in the Denver area.

That's no the only goal for the company, however.

"[The other goal is to] possibly expand market share in two ways: one being in the area of the work we perform and the type of jobs we do and secondly as budget and market opportunity allows, possibly some geographic expansion," he said.

"All under the office of controlled growth," he added.

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