Serious Materials' Kevin Surace Named Entrepreneur of the Year
December 9, 2009

Serious Materials today announced that its chief executive officer (CEO), Kevin Surace, has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine.

"I am humbled by this incredible honor from Inc. Magazine. My team and I have had an amazing year," says Surace. "The impact that buildings have on the energy crisis and environment is tremendous, and we are changing the game. As we move into 2010, we look forward to another year of growth and opportunities with our partners and customers."

As mentioned in the Inc. article honoring Surace, he states the biggest opportunity to change the world: "the 'built environment' presents a far greater opportunity than oft-demonized cars and light trucks, which produce 9 percent of emissions." Responsible for 52 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, Surace says that number can be slashed by reengineering common products that use or lose the most energy, such as windows.

"Kevin Surace is going after a huge chunk of a huge problem in innovative and unexpected ways; and his approach is being touted at the highest levels. It's been a tremendous year for Serious Materials, and as the stimulus package provides the wind beneath the company's wings, I expect it to fly higher," says Leigh Buchanan, editor at large for Inc. Magazine.

Surace received his degree in electrical engineering technology from Rochester Institute of Technology where he currently serves on the board of trustees, and has been awarded nine patents.

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