Rainer Schulz Named New Global CEO at REHAU
April 1, 2010

REHAU in Leesburg, Va., has announced the appointment of Rainer Schulz to the position of global chief executive officer (CEO). Schulz, who has been with the company since 2001, formerly served as deputy CEO, and was also chief operating officer with responsibility for the group's operative business. He additionally represented a business division as part of the board of directors.

In his position as CEO, Schulz will aim to maintain and further develop REHAU's global innovation capabilities, which he views as a crucial element of corporate culture and continued company success.

Former CEO Wolfgang Faber will move into a role on the REHAU supervisory board, having served at the company for nearly 40 years. Faber joined as assistant to the personnel division manager in Rehau, Germany, in 1971, was appointed authorized representative in 1973 and headed REHAU's automotive division from 1977 for many years. He also became an authorized signatory and director as well as a member of the marketing management team in 1987, and was appointed chair of the board of directors in March 2000 and CEO of the executive board in early 2007.

As of April 1, the REHAU global executive board will also be reorganized to include: Rainer Schulz, chair; Jörg Neukirchner, deputy chairperson; Dr. Stefan Girschik; Thomas Krausch; and Jürgen Werner.

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