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USGNN Original StoryWGA Scholarship to be Awarded in Honor of Sound Glass Sales

In honor of Tacoma, Wash.-based Sound Glass Sales' 25th anniversary, Owen Lubin, vice president of National Glass Industries is donating $500 to the Washington Glass Association (WGA) Scholarship Fund.

National Glass Industries, a fabricator with facilities in Woodinville Wash., has been a vendor to Sound Glass for more than 20 years and, as Lubin notes, "I watched them grow from their original small shop. [CEO Warren Willougby] has just made some great decisions and now he's listed in the Big Book of Lists there as one of the top glazing contractors in the country." (CLICK HERE to reach that list.) Lubin adds, "It's quite a celebration for Sound Glass."

Although Sound Glass did not have plans to celebrate the occasion, Lubin said he was motivated to do something special for the company.

"I made a couple calls down to Sound Glass to see if anybody was doing anything for them for their celebration, and found out there was absolutely nothing going on. They hadn't requested anything from anybody and I just felt the need to do it," Lubin says. "They didn't want anything for themselves and I thought this would be a good way to at least honor them and have someone benefit from it."

Shortly after WGA's announcement about the scholarship in honor of Sound Glass, another $500 scholarship was gifted in honor of Sound Glass, this time from an anonymous donor.

CLICK HERE for the Scholarship Award form.

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