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USGNN Original StoryGlass Shops Continue to be Targeted by Scammers

USGNN.comô has learned that glass shops continue to be the target of an ordering and shipping scam, as first reported last year.

The scam follows a familiar formula: Glass shops are contacted by a prospective customer who requests that unusual quantities of glass be shipped to a location at some distance, often to a foreign country. In this most recent incident, the scammer requested tabletop glass be sent to Hawaii.

As the scam has evolved, glass shops across the country have reported that the solicitations were coming via e-mail, a change from the original format of a telephone call placed through the TTY or computer systems.

In this most recent incident, the glass shop was initially contacted via a TTY phone call. During the call, the scammer requested to speak specifically with the owner. When told the owner was not available, the scammer asked for a company e-mail address so that they could contact the company directly. Within minutes, e-mail was received by the glass shop requesting 100 glass tabletops of specific size and thickness.

Per the email obtained by, the scammer requests the shop provide the total cost, which will be paid via credit. Moreover, the scammer indicates that a specific freight company will be used to ship the order, and that the scammer will work directly with the shipping company to arrange pick-up.

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