Scammers Once Again Target Glass Shops
January 27, 2011

Glass shops have previously been hit by scammers calling through TTY services and now some shops in the Northeast are getting similar calls. Jennifer Russell Vanasse, vice president of the Window Shop Inc. in Plainville, Conn., contacted™ and told us about her recent TTY scam experience.

"The call came from a TTY service from Sprint. I have received legitimate calls from this service before, so I agreed to take the call. The person wanted to know if we sold glass tabletops, and I said yes. Then immediately the caller asked me for an e-mail address to send the details," she explains. "I gave the e-mail address, thinking it would be easier then talking through they TTY service. The caller wanted me to wait on the phone until the e-mail arrived, which I did. Then, when I read the email from the name John Anderson ( it looked strange:

Hello Jenn, per our phone conversation, I need 30x30 1/4 inch clear glass with finished edges. Please get back to me with pricing and availability for 110 pcs.

Thank you,

John Anderson.

The quantity of glass the caller requested sounded strange to Vanasse.

"I asked, while still on the TTY, 'is that an error, do you want 110 pieces?' He said yes," she explains. "I was pretty sure it was a scam at that point. So I Googled TTY + Glass Scam and the [™] article popped up. Realizing this was a scam, I e-mailed him back a crazy price, and he said [the glass] would be picked up and do I take Discover card. I replied, 'Sorry I can't help you,' and forwarded the link to the USGlass article. Obviously, I did not get a response."

If your business has experienced a similar situation, e-mail Ellen Rogers to tell us about it.

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