Adams Rite Promotion Showcases New Possibilities in Advertising
March 18, 2011

Think advertising and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? How about a game? That’s the direction Adams Rite has taken with the marketing program for its Steel Hawk latch. Renee Bogenreif, production manager with Total Spectrum Advertising, worked on developing what she calls a dynamic, interactive, digital campaign.

"In the hardware industry you typically hear of the big consumer companies doing all of the fun things [in their marketing programs]. And while the architectural buildings industry has been our niche, I've always believed you can have fun with this, too," Bogenreif says.

Fun indeed, as the new campaign consists of an interactive game called Stalk the Hawk on the company's website. The inspiration, she says, was the Adams Rite two-way latch.

"The latch looks like the wings of a bird, so we came up with a name for it, the Steel Hawk, and we launched that into a game on the Adams Rite website. We also decided to make it into a contest and the winner will receive a mega tool box," says Bogenreif, who adds that it's fairly quick to play, only 6-11 minutes.

The company has used a variety of means to promote the game, such as traditional print advertising and e-blasts, but has also taken other innovative promotional approaches as well. As an example, the company created a digital display ad that can be seen on the USGlass magazine website (CLICK HERE to view).

"Integrating an interactive user element with a leaderboard banner ad, as Adams Rite did, increases the overall experience for the viewer. As a result, it draws even more interest from the viewer to the advertised product," says Holly Biller, vice president of digital media services for Key Communications, publisher of USGlass magazine.

"I'd say we had as much fun developing it as those are who are playing it," Bogenreif adds.

Before doing the full launch, the game was first announced to distributors only.

"Only distributors knew about it," says Bogenreif. "But then others in the industry started hearing about it and calling and asking about it, so we really broke the big buzz and that's what we wanted."

Bogenreif adds, "We're doing something different, it's getting attention and it's fun. The economy has been so bad for so long, but people need to still have fun."

While having fun is an important element, so, too, is education about the product.

"There are seven levels to the game and each time a player reaches a new level they get a page about the product," says Bogenreif. "And for those who are not gamers and not interested in playing, all of the technical information about the product is readily available on the site."

"We've got a lot of good things going here," she adds.

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