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USGNN Original StoryIndustry Looks to 2009; Remaining Positive is a Resolution Theme

As the industry and world at large prepare to ring in a new year this evening, many are resolving to remain positive in today's uncertain economic climate.

Tara Taffera, editor and publisher of DWM magazine, USGlass' sister publication, says one of her goals is to focus on the positives that are out there.

"There are bright spots in this economy, and there are companies who are succeeding," she says. "I hope to continue the goal I set late this year to focus on companies who are enjoying success and bring these stories to our readers."

Arch Aluminum and Glass vice president of marketing Max Perilstein has a similar goal in mind.

"My resolution for 2009 is to stay positive and not let any of the issues that usually frustrate me bring me down," he says.

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