Mayor Ravenstahl Celebrates a Greener Pittsburgh

When Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl held a press conference to herald the city's leadership in the nation's burgeoning green building movement, the glass industry was well represented. The mayor recognized Pittsburgh-based PPG at the event, which was held at the Phipps Conservatory in Oakland.

"Local companies, such as PPG, have captured the green movement before it was the popular thing to do. Today we look at Solarban 70XL low-e glass, [which] was developed, designed and manufactured here and is now being used throughout the world and especially here in Pittsburgh," said Mayor Ravenstahl.

The event brought a number of Pittsburgh area organizations and corporations together. Pittsburgh ranks third in both the number of buildings and total square feet of certified green building space among U.S. cities. "We have taken advantage of an opportunity to shape the future and promote sustainable and green development in the City of Pittsburgh," said Mayor Ravenstahl. "Advancing our green building will improve our economy and create new jobs and is both the social and responsible choice. The green building agenda offers local economic development advantages by positioning and marketing Pittsburgh as the black and gold, and green city."

Pittsburgh also is home to the first green-certified historic building, convention center, warehouse, banking facility and university residence hall. Currently almost 100 green building projects have been completed or are underway in the area, including the new PNC Bank Tower currently under construction.