On the Boards with Paul Bieber

USGlass columnist, blogger and USGNN forum moderator Paul Bieber draws from personal life experience to write about the glass industry.

In his latest blog offering, he describes a trip to the auto part shop in search of windshield wipers.

"I went to a local AutoZone store to get one wiper blade. A young man immediately came up to me, asked what I needed and walked me over the correct rack. As I picked up one blade he said, 'Sir, if one blade tore, the other is probably weak too, and if you would like the second one, I would be glad to ring it up for you.' This gentleman was either a natural customer service person, or had good training." How does this relate to the flat glass industry? CLICK HERE to visit his blog, hosted by USGNN, and find out.

Beiber updates his blog every Tuesday.

As moderator of the USGlass/USGNN message boards, Beiber also ties in every-day conversations and topics such as global warming, SUVs and his own Toyota Prius into conversation starters, as he did with his topic post emphasizing the industry's need to prioritize low-E glass. "If you don't know enough to feel comfortable selling low-e, ask your fabricator to teach you. Every fabricator of IG will do this...or they shouldn't be your fabricator," he wrote.

What do you think? Should low-E glass be a priority, or is there something else we're missing? Weigh in on this conversation on the USGNN/USGlass message boards.

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