Painters and Allied Trades Hosts Meeting; Glaziers Discuss Important Issues in First-Ever Workshop
December 13, 2010

The Painters and Allied Trades Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI) recently held its 6th Annual Finishing Industries Forum (FIF) in Las Vegas.  The meeting was a venue for approximately 450 attendees of finishing trades, including glaziers. Employers/contractors and International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) leaders met about some of the more pressing challenges in business today.

The Painters and Allied Trades is a jointly run organization co-chaired by a representative from labor (IUPAT) and management. Its mission is to promote its member contractors and employers as well as provide resources to build a better workforce in the IUPAT.

“As the market shows signs of making a slow, but hopefully steady recovery in 2011, the LMCI has shifted its focus from purely market survival to initiating market recovery in this year's FIF,” say event organizers. “The union and management leadership of LMCI believes that now is the time to make certain that both labor and management are ready to man the jobs that will surely return.”

This year’s event included more workshops than in previous years, including one specific to glaziers. Kevin LaRue, LMCI administrator, told™ that more than 100 glaziers from both labor and management attended the workshop and offered more details concerning the seminar.

A panel of experts from different trades, including IUPAT, the National Finishing Contractors Association and others were on-hand to address questions from attendees. LaRue says the two main topics of discussion included photovoltaics and window film.

“We learned that there is a need for training in photovoltaics,” he says. “There is also a need for training and installation of window film - especially out West.”

He adds that this was a “no holds barred” discussion and will serve as a starting point for further discussion in 2011.
“We have an honest picture of where business is going,” says LaRue. “So in the year that follows we develop forms of training, marketing, etc. We will make sure we are addressing where the industry is going and where the work is.”

He adds that following the workshop some glaziers expressed thanks for the seminar, saying “it was about time some of the issues were discussed openly.” LaRue adds that the workshop will definitely be held again during next year’s event.

Highlights of the conference may be found here.


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