PPG Study Identifies China and UK as Largest International Employers of US Architects

In a multifaceted online study conducted by PPG Industries, 629 U.S. architects were polled on the following topics; which countries are the largest international employers of US architects, how they prefer to obtain product information and which glass companies they perceived as being the leaders in sustainability.

The results of the survey identified China and the United Kingdom (UK) as the largest employers of U.S. architects outside of the United States, with China accounting for 21 percent of US architectural firms' international business. The UK followed with 16 percent.

Secondarily, respondents identified manufacturer websites as their preferred method of obtaining product information by an overwhelming 85 percent. Other preferred means mentioned were sales representatives and technical binders from manufacturers.

In the third aspect of the study, 45 percent of respondents identified PPG Industries as the industry leader in sustainability building practices.