Glass and Steel Roof to Become a Trademark of Athens Stadium

According to an article from The Chief Engineer, the roof of the Athens Olympic Stadium will become the trademark of the 2004 Olympic Games.

The roof's design of a double bowstring tied arch has a total span of 1,00 feet and a maximum height of 262 feet. The structure is constructed of metal and glass and uses a coating designed to reflect 60 percent of the sun, a feature considered particularly important during the Greek summer. The two arches support the cables that hold the polycarbonate roof panels.

Because the arches were constructed and erected off-site while the existing stadium was refurbished, contractors were faced with the problem of moving and positioning the two roof halves, each weighing 8,500 tons. Enerpac Integrated Solutions Specialist found a solution with long stroke-pulling cylinders powered by PLC-controlled hydraulic pumps.

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