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USGNN Original StoryDirectory Solicitation Hides Pricing in Fine Print

Glass shops across the United States continue to be hit with possible scams, the latest coming from a company claiming to be compiling information for a free EU Company Directory—but it's not free.

A listing form is sent via e-mail, with the subject line "Registration of EU Companies 2008/2009." The e-mail urges the recipient to fill out an attached PDF document and return it to the company's headquarters in the Netherlands.

The attached form indicates that the intent of the EU Company Directory is to be able "to inform other EU companies about your activities." It directs the recipient to fill out the form in order to list the recipient's company in both the online and printed directories.

A notion that "updating is free of charge" is in bold print. However, the fine print indicates by signing the form, the signer has agreed to insert an advertisement for three years at EUR 995 ($1500 USD) per year.

The fine print at the bottom of the form also states that the signing of the document is legally binding and will be construed as an order of insertion for the ad. Moreover, the contract will be automatically "extended every year for another year unless specific written notice is received by the service provider." Lastly, any disputes that arise from the contract will be subject to the jurisdiction of the service provider's address (i.e., the Netherlands).

According to USGlass magazine publisher, Debra Levy, these solicitations often target suppliers. "The companies that send them out cull names from the internet and exhibiters at international trade fairs. We've seen a few variations of these over the years. The buyer needs to beware."

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