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USGNN Original StoryNSG Announces One New Name for Merged Subsidiaries

Following the merger of several subsidiaries in January, NSG Group has announced that the new company will be known as NSG Building Products Co. Ltd. Mr. Shigeki Mori will lead the insulating, laminated and tempered glass fabrication company.

The arrangement, which will merge NSG Kanto Co. Ltd., NSG Tokai Co. Ltd. and NSG Kansai Co. Ltd. into a single company, is effective as of April 1, 2008.

According to information from NSG, the goal of the merger is to centralize the management of manufacturing and order entry, as well as to reduce overhead costs and meet increasing requirements to enhance the competitiveness in the quality, price and timely delivery of its insulating, laminated and tempered value-added building glass products.

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