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USGNN Original StoryNFRC Board Approves Permanent Label Requirements Ballot

During the recent fall meeting of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) the board approved a motion to require permanent label requirements on windows (CLICK HERE for related story).The ballot modifies the permanent labeling requirements as outlined in section 6.7 of the NFRC Product Certification Program (PCP) document. The modifications to the PCP are proposed to provide window manufacturers additional flexibility in the format and location of the NFRC permanent label. The following are some of the approved changes:

  • The requirement that permanent label visible after installation was made optional; if the permanent label is not visible after product installation, then the Certified Products Database (CPD) will identify the location of such a label. In addition, the permanent label's location will be one that is accessible to the occupant or service provider;
  • The "required information" wording was modified, and now provides examples of acceptable forms of licensee identification;
  • The manufacturer's product code was also made an acceptable way to identify entries in the CPD.
  • In subsection G, further guidance is provided on the location of the permanent label, requirements for locating on a surface not subject to direct sunlight and precipitation are also clarified; and
  • Subsection H was deleted, as the requirements of this section are now addressed in other areas of section 6.7 in the PCP.

These changes will be required once the PCP is published with the approved modifications and notice is sent to all membership. A publication date for the revision language in the PCP has not yet been announced.

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