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USGNN Original StoryRatings Committee Moves CMA PCP Ballot Forward; Board Approves

A number of meetings took place yesterday afternoon during the National Fenestration Rating Council's (NFRC) Fall Meeting. The Rating Committee, including the Component Modeling Approach (CMA) - Ratings Subcommittee, were among the groups that met. Gary Curtis of West Wall Group chaired the subcommittee session. The group discussed and reviewed ballot negatives and comments regarding the CMA product certification program (PCP).

Jim Benney (center), NFRC executive director, thanked Joe Hayden (right), NFRC chair, for all his hard work. Gary Curtis (left) was recognized as an outgoing board member. Marcia Falke (not pictured) was also recognized as an outgoing board member.

One negative discussed was to allow for default frame values. Some members have argued that allowing for the inclusion of default values will be easier for commercial manufacturers, ensuring that they would not have to model/simulate all of their products. The negative, however, was found non-persuasive.

During the Ratings Committee meeting that followed, Curtis reported that the all the ballots had been resolved and asked for committee approval and to move the CPC forward for board approval. The motion carried and was brought forward to the board this morning. The board also unanimously carried the motion to approve the CMA PCP.

Joe Hayden, NFRC chairperson, thanked everyone involved for their hard work, time and effort in bringing the document to completion.

There were also a few other subcommittee activities that moved forward
for board approval. The Ratings Committee approved the Labeling Subcommittee's ballot for permanent label requirements, which was also carried by the board this morning. In addition, the Certification Subcommittee successfully balloted PCP language for insulating glass certification. The group asked the committee for approval and implementation upon publication with a mandatory date of July 1, 2010. The motion carried at committee level and also by the board this morning.

Also during the board meeting, Jim Benney, NFRC executive director, recognized and thanked outgoing board members Marcia Falke from Keystone Certifications Inc. and Gary Curtis.

The NFRC's next meeting will take place March 2-5, 2009 in Tucson, Ariz.

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