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USGNN Original StorySubcommittee Meetings Open Second Day of NFRC Fall Meeting

Day two of the National Fenestration Rating Council's Fall meeting is currently underway in Jacksonville, Fla. The sessions began this morning with subcommittees of the Research & Technology Committee meeting to discuss research projects and ballots.

During the Research Subcommittee meeting the group heard progress reports on a number of activities currently in the works. Regarding the condensation resistance procedure for the Component Modeling Approach (CMA), Charlie Curcija from Carli Inc. reported that he anticipated having a report for review by the end of November, followed by a conference call and then completion some time in December.

Willie DuPont of Sunergy Consulting reported on the Window 6 and Therm 6 validation research. He explained that the software programs now have new capabilities for calculating solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and U-factor for glazing products that cannot currently be modeled or simulated, including fritted glass. The first part of the research task is to compile and evaluate existing SHGC and U-factor test results and compare physical testing against simulated testing based upon the new software.

During the Optical Properties Subcommittee the group reviewed NFRC 300 and 301 ballot negatives. One negative in particular, which saw a bit of discussion stated that the inclusion of ASTM G197 in Section 7.2.5 represented "the first step in adopting a new spectral weighting function into NFRC's programs that may significantly increase SHGC and VT ratings …"

Joe Hayden of Pella Corp. spoke up and said, "This is big. If approved is the Department of Energy prepared to adjust Energy Star criteria accordingly?" Hayden made a motion that the negative be found persuasive and substantive and recommended that the implementation of NFRC 300 be delayed until at least April 1, 2009. The ballot will now go back to the task group and will be re-balloted.

Meetings continue this afternoon with the Technical Committee block. This includes the Software Subcommittee, which will be reviewing the CMA software tool.

Tune into™ tomorrow for more news and updates from the NFRC fall meeting.

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