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USGNN Original StoryNFRC CMA - Ratings Subcommittee Votes to Not Approve Incomplete CPC

During Wednesday afternoon's Component Modeling Approach (CMA) - Ratings Subcommittee meeting, chaired by Gary Curtis of West Wall Group, members debated negatives regarding the CMA Product Certification Program (PCP). In particular, one group negative expressed concerns over approving the document in its present state being that it references a number of other documents (the Certification Agency Program [CAP] and Laboratory Accreditation Program [LAP]) that are not yet complete.

Several members said they did not want to see the PCP forwarded to the board when the other documents are not done. One suggestion was to forward the document to the board, but not implement the program until the other documents are completed. Joe Hayden of Pella Corp. and NFRC chair said the document could be moved forward and then held at the board while other documents are completed.

"As the committees get portions approved and brought forward, the board will still wait to implement the entire document," said Hayden. "We won't implement just a portion."

Some members spoke against this, however, saying that once the PCP leaves the committee level the members no longer have influence over the document.

Some members posed the question as to whether they should simply remove the references to the incomplete documents. But in doing that, others worried, the PCP could not stand without the reference documents.

A motion was ultimately made that said the PCP would remain with the subcommittee until the reference documents are completed and then would be re-balloted. NFRC staff will be working to draft the CAP and LAP over site documents. Members can provide comments and input for their consideration.

As part of the Ratings Committee meeting (to which CMA- Ratings reports), the group also agreed to ask the board for guidance on how to go forward with the reference documents.

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