NFRC Elects New Board Members; Corrects Electronic Balloting Problems

Though there were a few problems with the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) new electronic balloting process, the association has elected its new board members for 2004.

The new members are: Mike Manteghi, TRACO; Gary Curtis, The West Wall Group LLC; Alecia Ward, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance; and Garrett Stone, Brickfield, Burchette, Ritts & Stone (re-elected).

Six people resigned from the board so to fill these seats until the fall 2004 elections, the board elected the following persons: Ken Nittler, WESTlab; Steve Selkowitz, LBNL; and Kate Offringa, the Alliance to Save Energy.

According to executive director Jim Benney, in an attempt to reach a quorum for board of directors elections, the NFRC moved to an electronic balloting process.

“It was so difficult to reach a quorum by mail that we thought we would try e-mail,” he said. “Ultimately we did reach a quorum.”
But it wasn’t easy. Those who had already voted received e-mails reminding them to vote which made them believe their votes were never processed. When they went to the website to try to vote again, they weren’t allowed to do so though they didn’t know it was because they had already cast their ballots.

Benney said the NFRC learned two things from the process.

“One is that an e-mail must be sent to those who have already voted telling them their vote was received,” he said. “Two, reminders only need to go to people who haven’t voted yet.”

Benney said the program has now been fixed so the next time electronic balloting occurs these problems will not arise. He added that this was just the first step in future electronic ballots. The association hopes to use this new process to vote on documents as well, and Benny hopes to do so by September.

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