Chicago Sees Protesters Amidst NATO Summit as Glaziers Stand By
May 21, 2012

by Penny Stacey,

NATO protesters gathered today at the Boeing headquarters in downtown Chicago, where Alliance Glass and Metal had assisted with preparations in the weeks leading up to the event. (Photo: Dan Simon, Alliance Glass and Metal)

Chicago is serving as host to a NATO Summit this week-along with protesters that have poured into the city in light of the meeting. According to Dan Simon of Romeo, Ill.-based Alliance Glass and Metal, it's been business as usual so far during the meetings, but a good bit of glass and glazing work was completed in preparation for the week's events.

Today, the Boeing headquarters in downtown Chicago was a major stop for protesters.

"They prepared for it pretty well down at Boeing," says Simon. " … Last Tuesday night we were down there at night covering up their windows with an aluminum panel."

"A lot of preparations were taken for this and a lot was spent on building security," adds Simon.

The company also spent time at the Chase headquarters covering up a piece of artwork by Russian-French artist Marc Chagall.

"The city was very adamant about buildings not being boarded up and making it look like a war zone," says Simon. "And a lot of the buildings near McCormick Place did board up, but most of Chicago just looks empty. Most of the building owners took heed of what the city said."
So far, though, no major damage has occurred. "We really haven't had to test it," says Simon. "If something happens downtown and they start breaking windows, I'm sure it will [impact our business] but right now it's business as usual."

The NATO Summit is scheduled to conclude today. View the video below for an ABC report about the protest at Boeing.

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