On the Blogs with Max Perilstein

USGlass columnist Max Perilstein has upped the ante on his blog page by incorporating video into his two most recent posts, which are now sponsored by USGlass/USGNN.

Blogging is old hat to Perilstein, who has been keeping a blog for more than a year now, and he brings to his page the same veracity that he does to his bi-monthly column, From the Fabricator, in USGNN. Known for speaking his mind, Perilstein doesn't shy away from expressing his opinion on his posts.

"As for the industry- as you may have seen AFG announced the closing of their Cinnaminson plant. I found it interesting and actually surprising but many others did not. On those aforemention message boards, Scott Surma of IIMak, had an interesting take on it. Plus he noted the environmental angle, which always now must be considered. In any case, I hate to see anyone lose their jobs and I surely hate when it seems like the industry is moving backwards," he wrote on his most recent post.

Perilstein has also started incorporating video clips to that visitors can watch, including one featuring Mike Ditka, former coach of the Chicago Bears.

CLICK HERE to visit his blog, hosted by USGNN. Perilstein updates his blog every Thursday.

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