Fire Destroys Massachusetts Glass Fabrication Plant
February 11, 2011

A fire destroyed the Contract Glass Services building in Wilmington, Mass., earlier this week. According to news reports, around mid-day Wednesday a small electrical panel fire eventually engulfed the entire building.  New England Cable News (NECN) reported that Contract Glass Services employees first tried to put out the fire themselves, but quickly realized they would not be able to do so and fled the building to call the fire department. NECN reported that firefighters spent nine hours working to put the fire out.

Bob Bryant with Bryant Glass, also located in Wilmington, Mass., told™, that he had just been working on a job near the Contract Glass Services location and  “the building is trashed; there’s nothing there.”

Wilmington fire chief Ed Bradbury reported that the fact that the building was built before sprinklers were required was a disadvantage.

Bradbury told NECN, "Lack of sprinklers here allowed this fire to essentially go unchecked until we arrived.”

(Note:™ attempted to contact Chief Bradbury for additional comment, but at press time he had not yet responded.)

NECN said damages are estimated to be in the millions and information is not yet known as to what will happen to the company and its employees.

Owned by Bill Crawford, Contract Glass Service manufactures and installs insulating glass. Additional capabilities include tempering, edging and beveling. was unable to reach Crawford for comment at press time.

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