MIT Hosts Conference on Glass and Glazing in the 21st Century
December 30, 2009

Technology & Conservation, the MIT Department of Architecture's Building Technology Program and the Boston Society of Architects/AIA's Historic Resources Committee is hosting a conference and training program on glass and glazing. "Glass & Glazing in the 21st Century" will focus on developments in architectural glasses for structural, energy saving and decorative uses in new building facades, envelopes and monuments, as well as their application in the restoration and upgrading of existing structures.

All of the sessions are designed to offer attendees valuable insights into the performance of glass and glazing in the outdoor environment.and the appropriate selection, specification, use and maintenance of glass materials for existing and new buildings and artistic works.

This 2-day conference will be held March 20-21, 2010 on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Mass. The conference will be followed on March 22, 2010, by an optional stained glass program. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration closes on January 30, 2010.

The sessions will be aimed at architects, engineers, building restoration specialists, construction specifiers, contractors and manufacturers and suppliers of components and systems for the preservation, restoration, repair and/or maintenance of glass, among others. Among the topics to be discussed are: the basic material properties of glass; the role of thermal, mechanical, structural, and chemical properties on performance and durability; the effects of environmental conditions; how these material characteristics and interactions need to be considered in specifying glass for new designs and for restoration/preservation projects; new developments in manufacturing and fabrication operations and in construction techniques; strategies for determining and evaluating deterioration and procedures for replicating historic appearance; and viable approaches to preservation/maintenance planning, facilities management, and repair/replacement programs, for both old and new structures.

The conference speakers include more than 25 noted architects, structural and energy engineers, architectural historians, conservators, architectural glass technical specialists, including James Carpenter of James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. presenting on "The Structure of Transparency: Light in the Public Realm;" David A. Wennekamp, project executive for Ipswich Bay Glass Co. offering an "Installer's Viewpoint;" Christopher Barry of Pilkington speaking on "Manufacturing Developments and Fabrication Techniques/Limitations;" Viracon's Don McCann's presentation on "Coatings on Glass and Fritting;" and a talk on "Energy and Sustainability Aspects of Glass/Glazing: Realistic Expectations" from Stephen Selkowitz of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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