Lisec America Makes Monumental Management Shift

by Tami Faram

Lisec America Inc. in Egan, Minn., has made a monumental shift in its company's management. The company has selected a new management team that took over the helm earlier this month.

On Friday,™ talked to Bob Quast, new president, chief executive officer and chief financial officer of the U.S. subsidiary.

When USGNN asked Quast what the shift means for Lisec America he said, "The company decided to take this opportunity to diversify its skills sets. We basically took the opportunity to separate sales from the CEO position."

According to Quast, the new management team will lead to "improved organization and better servicing of our company's customers."

Hubert Haselsteiner resigned as president of Lisec America. The new management team began working on July 2.

Working with Quast are Hans Hoenig, vice president and sales director, and Barbara Ziervogl, vice president and secretary. Both Hoenig's and Ziervogl's positions were newly created for Lisec.

Quast, who has a financial background, had been employed with Lisec for six years, before taking a position at another company two years ago.

Lisec North America is part of the Lisec Group of companies based in Austria

Tami Faram is editor of™.