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USGNN Original StoryGANA Laminating Division Tackles Standards, Presentations, Bulletins and More During Fall Conference

A number of developing and ongoing projects are keeping the Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) Laminating Division busy. The group met Tuesday afternoon and discussed a variety of issues, from standard development, marketing efforts, new bulletins and documents and much more.

During the marketing committee meeting several tasks are underway. Members continued work on a Laminated Glass 101 presentation, which is being developed as an AIA course. The group is also working to develop a video on resin laminated glass production. The goal is to have a draft for review at Glass Week, which will take place February 12-15 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

During the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual Task Group, the group reviewed updates and changes, which they approved. The document was forwarded to the technical committee where it was approved for publication.

The Ball Drop Task Group also met and, ultimately, disbanded having completed its scope of developing the Standard Specification and Test Method for Ball Drop Impact Resistance of Laminated Architectural Glass (CLICK HERE for more information). A future consideration, for when the time comes to review the documents, is whether to work toward development of an ASTM document.

During the Technical Committee meeting members heard a presentation from Architectural Testing Inc.’s Eric Miller on the acoustical performance of glass products. Miller discussed a proposed research program to look at some issues that could affect the acoustical performance of glass panels only. There are three objectives of the research program:

  • Standardize the mounting practice so that the reproducibility between acoustical laboratories can be improved;
  • Accomplish this by investigating the repeatability of four different mounting techniques;
  • Use three different technicians to install and test three different acoustically rated 34- by 76-inch glass panels in each of the four different mounting systems.

“We want to know how repeatable all four methods are,” said Miller.

After determining the most repeatable mounting apparatus, Miller explained they will then test and measure the sound transmission of different sizes of glass in the frame.

He expects there will be three to four weeks of lab testing.

Also as part of the technical committee meeting, the group worked on updating ASTM C1172, Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass. The goal is to revise the document’s wording so that it’s more consistent with other ASTM documents.

In addition, the committee will also be working on a number of new Glass Informational Bulletins (GIB). The first is on the revised hurricane substitution criteria as part of ASTM E 1996 (CLICK HERE for related article). The second bulletin will be on the approximate weight of laminated glass. A new task group was also formed to review and update the GANA GIB on emergency egress through laminated glazing.

The GANA Fall Conference concludes tomorrow.

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