New Laminated Glass Consult Opens in New Jersey

By Tami Faram

Consulting company LamGlas Engineering LLC has opened for business in Newark, N.J. Operated by Thomas J. Fitzgerald, the company will focus on commercial lamination.

"I worked in PVB [polyvinyl butyral] at DuPont," says Fitzgerald, who was senior technical consultant for DuPont's glass laminating solutions business. "I helped the customers with use of the product, I increased the yield and I made sure the lamination was done correctly."

Fitzgerald has held manufacturing, sales and technical positions in the glass industry since 1978. He retired from DuPont on June 30, to start his new consulting business on July 1.

"At this point I'm just starting, but I have a couple of good leads and I know I'll keep busy," he says.