Keymark Announces New Circle Size Extrusion Press is Now Live
July 13, 2010

Keymark Corporation, a full-service aluminum extrusion manufacturer, announced that its new 14-inch circle size press is fully operational. The company says the press will enable architects and engineers to design larger, more detailed extrusions, with the width and precision not previously available in the marketplace.

Keymark says the press will add 32 million pounds of demonstrated capacity to its 88 million pound company wide capacity, while adding 55 new jobs in the Lakeland, Fla., plant. This brings the total number of presses to seven with circle sizes ranging from 6- to 14-inches covering more than 500,000 square feet of production space.

“For 46 years Keymark Corporation has prided itself on it’s commitment to the marketplace, and our investment in the new press again shows our leadership position and willingness to be a flexible, competitive partner to our clientele,” said Wm L. Keller III, chief executive officer and owner. “The appeal of our new press capabilities, along with our ability to guarantee all aspects of a project, from alloy quality to finish and delivery, make us the only aluminum extruder that is vertically integrated in-house,” added Keller.

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