JAPAN - Resumption of Production at AGC Asahi Glass Kashima Plant
April 27, 2011

Following the reports issued on March 14 and 28 March, Kazuhiko Ishimura, president and chief executive officer of Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. (AGC), provided an update on the resumption of production at AGC Asahi Glass Kashima Plant, which was severely affected by the earthquake in eastern Japan.

Ishimura noted that restoration of the float glass facility for architectural flat glass has been completed, and suspended production/shipments have resumed.

In its chemicals segment, production has resumed in phases since early April, and the production/shipments of all the products at the plant, except for urethane-related products and fluorinated resin ETFE, are in operation as of April 27. Production/shipments of urethane-related products and fluorinated resin ETFE are expected to restart by late June.

With regard to the loading berth used for shipping chemicals and architectural float flat glass and receiving raw materials, a part of the facility is still not ready for use, and alternative means have been used.

After the resumption of production, however, the production volumes of those products will be subject to changes in the supply situation of raw materials and electricity.

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