Iron Worker Delegates Unanimously Elect Union Officials
August 26, 2011

Eight hundred and twenty-two voting delegates from the Iron Workers Union-one of the largest building trade organizations in North America-announced the election of 12 officers last week at the Union's 42ndConvention in Chicago, August 15-19. The Union's leadership team, headed by General President Walter Wise, consists of three general officers and nine general vice presidents:

  • Walter Wise, general president
  • Eric Dean, general secretary
  • Edward McHugh, general treasurer
  • George Kratzer, first general vice president
  • Richard Ward, second general vice president
  • Edward Walsh, third general vice president
  • Jay Hurley, fourth general vice president
  • Joe Standley, fifth general vice president
  • Tadas Kicielinski, sixth general vice president
  • Marvin Ragsdale, seventh general vice president
  • Darrell LaBoucan, eighth general vice president
  • Ron Piksa, ninth general vice president

"I'm proud that our delegates saw fit to elect this great leadership team, and we look forward to the responsibility of creating more opportunities and a better future for our members," said Walter Wise from the convention dais.

Wise was elected by the General Executive Council to the position earlier this year upon the retirement of Joseph Hunt, president of the Iron Workers Union from 2002 to 2011. Wise will now serve his first full term as president, which runs until 2016. The nine elected district council presidents will also serve five-year terms and may seek re-election at the Union's 2016 convention.

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